Firstly if you’re reading this, thanks for visiting. My ‘About‘ page will hopefully have given you an idea of the work I do and how I can help you and your business.

But if you’d like to know a bit more about the person behind the work then read on to find out a bit more about me- in bullet points. (Because no one wants to read reams and reams of writing about someone they’ve never heard of right?)





  • Born and raised in England, in the South East. Although I have a deep affection for the North West, particularly Lancashire and Cheshire.
  • Obsessed with Rugby League and in particular Wigan Warriors- which probably explains the North West obsession too.
  • Big South Sydney Rabbitohs fan. Because all English Rugby League fans should have an Aussie team.
  • Football fan and Arsenal supporter- although my love for football is not what it used to be.
  • Big food fan. Favourites include, curry, pizza, chip shop chips, currywurst. In fact, just about anything that’s not seafood- unless it’s been battered.
  • Love visiting new places. I’ve covered most of Europe and been to Egypt, Australia and USA too.
  • Love driving- unless it’s commuting. Have driven in 11 countries.
  • All time favourite bands are Oasis, The Prodigy and Pendulum. Currently into Rammstein and Metallica.
  • Favourite TV show of all time is Hustle, and funniest is Only Fools & Horses.
  • Favourite film of all time is Snatch


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